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Mission: Reviving the Nation's Mental Health.


DOVIRA - the first and unique online video platform in Ukraine, aimed at providing various categories of the Ukrainian population, most affected by the consequences of war, with content and services that contribute to the restoration of emotional, mental, and psychological health.

We believe that the Ukrainian nation should not only be strong and courageous, but also healthy!

The platform is created in such a way that everyone who has suffered and needs recovery - whether military or civilian, - can find useful video content for themselves, as well as the opportunity to sign up for a consultation with a psychologist expert, and receive this service online for free.

To achieve the goal, the platform's work is aimed at reaching three categories of the population: military personnel, couples, children, with qualified and experienced psychologists specializing in their respective fields using a client-oriented and trauma-informed approach.



We respect and believe in each of our clients, partners, and colleagues. We embrace the individuality and dignity of everyone.


We are not afraid to introduce new ideas to the world and take responsibility for them.

Belief in the Future

We are unwavering in our belief that the best for our nation is yet to come. And we make every effort to bring it closer.


Your trust in us is everything, so we are sincere, open, and transparent.


We strive to be the best.